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Dina Sky – My Birthday Sex With Stepson For Birthday

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This was a custom video. It’s my birthday and I am all ready for your dad to come home, we had something special planned, I even wore this sexy dress and no panties and I am so horny, but yet again your dad failed me, he said hes going to be late and won’t be able to make it. I am upset and frustrated and you come in, small talk about your day, you ask me whats wrong, I explain to you your dad isn’t going to be home and I had a hot night planned for my birthday. At that moment your father calls back again and tells me he’s sorry but upset at him I strike back with, “that’s okay because I am just going to suck your son’s cock instead,” jokingly of course to get a reaction out of your dad but you decide to whip out your big cock in front of me while im talking to your father. In shock and amazed by how big it is, I get off the phone with your father and talk about how well I don’t really want my birthday and this outfit to go to waste, maybe touching it, or even sucking it wouldn’t be wrong right? I wrap my lips around your bbc cock and worship the fact its thicker, bigger, and just that much hotter than your dad’s, I gag, try to deepthroat it and then again the phone rings, you try to push it in my mouth while im talking to him and I come up with something quick so he doesn’t suspect anything, while on the phone you toss me to the couch, and start to fuck me missionary, I hung up on him, and feel you big cock stretch me out, and it’s feels so good inside my tight pussy, making my tits bounce, and in pure pleasure, I suck it briefly before turning over so you can fuck me from behind, and make that ass bounce, you dad is calling again….I accidentally face time him and he wants to know what im doing, whats going on, not showing him behind me, I say that I am just relaxing on the couch laying down, and no your “son’s upstairs” almost getting caught with that one, its time for me to jump on top of you, and ride you till I cum. I take that cock deep inside of me, so big so thick, feeling so good, I am so close to cumming and your father just keeps calling, I answer while your inside of me and do whatever I can to keep quiet, but I think this time he’s onto me and suspects something, not really caring anymore, just want to cum, I hang up and cum all over your hard big dick. You get me on the floor and I milk your cock for the biggest facial I have ever had all over me, what a perfect birthday dessert/gift. So many close calls with your father and us almost getting caught I think I am off the hook, but he calls one more time, and I quickly get off the phone, and enjoy your cum on my face but something isn’t right I think I hear your dad’s truck pulled up, checking my phone frantically I realize hes coming in, cleaning the cum off my face as quickly as possible, he walks in…..within moments he accuses me of fucking you, seeing I have left some cum on my face/chest. I try to pretend like thats not the case, but eventually confess to it all, I tell your dad, “you should just came home”

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