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Dina Sky – Poison Ivy Love Gas

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This was a custom fetish video. I play the role of Poison Ivy but we start off with me pretending to be the “new doctor” at the asylum and you are the security guard making your rounds for the evening. I am wearing a doctor’s coat and badge and start sorting through the computer and looking around for the one last component to finalize my evil plans but you startle me when walking into the office. I make up some story about who I am and make some small talk with you, looking you up and down, I decide you’d be the perfect victim for my plan, so I make a comment about how handsome you are I could see us having some fun, late nights in the office рЯШЙ Your blown away by my seductive words, eyes, and find me so attractive your frozen in place with the mere thoughts..I come in and say “want a kiss cutie?’ Before you could even muster up anything, ive leaned in and instead of kissing you I blow some green dust…the green fog has got you in a daze and you have fallen down. You awaken to see me hovering over you, my cleavage almost pouring out. “Oh don’t you worry were going to have a little fun… besides you won’t want to resist this its going to be the best time of your life…. I express to you my evil plans in a sexy seductive way. I am not a doctor, I am indeed Poison Ivy, you locked in place so don’t bother moving around it won’t break, I am making and finalizing on this perfect “love gas” thats going to make even man in the world succumb to me and worship me, do what I ask of, and your the perfect candidate to try this one… see this love gas makes you feel like your well euphoria, so good like your having a orgasm, that good without doing anything. I place the mask over your head on to your mouth and nose, your trying to move but its not working, and I tell you to just breathe in, breathe in deep lover boy, as this goes on you start to feel it take over you, my cleavage becoming more and more revealing, through the mask I tease you, giving you a little show while I let the gas takes its effects on you. I stand up and show my ass, wrapping myself in the vines, I bend down, I turn around pulling on my suit, I grab my breasts, and drive you wild, your watching but you can’t do anything but breathe in the gas. I encourage you more and more as you take in the uncontrollable arousal. I push my breasts into your face, them peaking through my tight bra, smushing them into your face….. take the mask off, your time is up. But your want more, you were enjoying it so much, and now I have taken it away. I have gotten exactly what I needed from you cutie, so were done here. it’s a shame because I think I would have had some fun with you but I must get back to my diabolical plan. Take a kiss lover boy? I lean in with those red lips and kiss you away. This video is more of a fetish- so there is more teasing. Slight nudity with my breast being exposed some from the bodysuit as teasing goes on.

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