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Dina Sky – Pursing These Sexual Feelings

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This was a custom video. It starts off with me dressed in a tight black bodysuit & short skirt, no bra and I am cleaning up the living room, as I do so (purposely) letting my nipple slip out, or my tits swing and fall out of my top, or bend down enough to tease you with my pussy lips almost hanging out, I give you some looks and continue to move around as you watch, when I am pretty much done, nipple still out, I confront you about how you didn’t mention my tit was out of my top or when I was bent over in front of you the view you were getting, you start to apologize but instead I tell you it’s okay, truth is…. I purposely did that, I wanted you to notice, in fact I really want you, and I know you do too. We’ve been friends for months now and we can’t seem to connect at the same time, and I know you want to pursue those feelings just as much as I do, so lets’ just do it already. Bringing. you into my bedroom, we have to be rather quick before our friends get here, I tease you with my big ass, and big tits, and strip out of my outfit just perfectly making you instantly hard for me. I grab your cock and start sucking it, talking about how much better this is were finally doing it, how much I love your cock, and eventually I hop on that dick, POV (virtual) riding you with my big tits bouncing in your face, talking dirty, and enjoying every moment of your hard cock deep inside of me, but we won’t stop there because I know how much you want to see my ass in action too, so let me turn around doggy style and let you fuck me good (pov) bouncing that ass back up on that dick and begging for your cum, I tell you how much I want that load, how much I want your cum all over me, please let me have it….your almost ready to explode and make me turn around and start sucking you again, and you unload multiple streams of hot cum all over my face as I jerk you off, and you even manage to cum again with moments, my pretty face is drenched in your cum, make up ruined, hair a mess, but so fucking hot. I tell you that I think you should actually stay the night because I have feeling we have more sexual energy we need to use, I can’t believe we waited this long for this to happen.

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