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Dina Sky – Respirator Mask Virtual Sex POV

Duration: 11:34s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

In this video I role play that, I just got done painting the living room, and its all dry, you come home and notice the respirator mask on the couch that you told me to get. I tell you I am so thankful that you convinced me to get it to wear during all this painting. You intrigued about it and want to see me with it on. I hesitate for a second but decide why not, I put it back on and show it off to you and talk, (sound is a bit muffled because of the mask), I notice its turning you on and I am sorta getting worked up myself at the thought of you being into something like this turning you on. Its hot, different, kinky, I go ahead and jump on the couch and tell you let me take care of that hard cock, I take my big breasts out and get your throbbing dick out and climb on top. I ride you (pov) with my tits bouncing in your face and you listening to my breathing, and sexiness while wearing the respirator mask. I tell you how hot its making me, how wet I am, and that I am going to cum all over your dick. You listen closely to my breathing as I cum wearing the mask. It feels so good and I feel tingles down my body, I jump off your cock, and jerk you off to make you cum all over my tits, and even the mask. I lick the cum off the mask, enjoying it all.

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