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Dina Sky – Revenge Peg On Cheater

Duration: 14:11s;
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This was custom video. We went out for the night for some driiinnkk & fun but you had one too many and were completely lit. When we get home your slurring some and as I convince you to go lay down you start mumbling things under your breath saying “Thank you ….. ” And you are somehow getting horny and I am telling you not tonight lets wait till you’ve awakened… I hear you say my sister’s name and talking to me like I am her, I’m furious but I remain calm and tuck you in and walk away. When your finally up and at it – I bring up what you said to me earlier and. How could you fuck my sister? How could you do that to me….. I am going to teach you a lesson. You know I taught my sister everything she knows btw, I prove it, – I am the best, you won’t be saying her name again when I am done with you. I take out your cock and start sucking it deep, hard, sloppy, sexy your rock hard as I work every angle of your cock and telling you to give me your big load, that I want your cum, Im gonna make you cum so hard, the more and more I stroke, suck, and get you so worked up your moments away from exploding, and just as I know you are, I stop, taking my hands and mouth off your cock and look at you with a mischievous smile on my face… “It’s my turn now…” You look puzzled and confused as I get up and tell you to get on your knees, get on the floor. I whip out a really big dick on strap on below my dress and tell you I am going to make you suck this. I’ll teach you to ever say her name again, to ever cheat on me again.. I tell you to open your mouth and suck it, giving you direction on what to do and slamming it into your mouth (POV) and after you have got it all lubed up with your spit I tell you to get on the bed and spread your legs because I am going to get some sweet revenge on your ass, im going to fuck your ass, im going to peg you, and your going to love it and even if you don’t I don’t care. Your objecting to it but you realize your dont seem to have a option, and for some reason your cock is rock hard even in the fear of this. I slide it in slowly at first just the head, (some side angles as well as frontal) and tell you to stop resisting, I can feel you trying to pull away but as each thrust in you goes deeper you find your way losing grip of it and deep inside you might actually be enjoying the feeling of it but you don’t try to show it. I pound you harder and harder and tell you to take it, I am going to make you cum with this cock in your ass and I do just that… you can’t hold it in much longer your cock standing at attention and the strap on deep in your ass, you explode when I tell you too and cum shoots everywhere, probably the biggest load you ever delivered. Final thoughts, don’t say my sisters name again, don’t cheat on me again, or next time I won’t go as easy on you… I’ll make it a punishment you won’t forget… I can always go bigger рЯШЙ .

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