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Dina Sky – Risky Couple Pt 1

Duration: 19:23s;
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This was a custom video and is part 1 that includes two scenes. We’ve been chatting and flirting back and forth via phone and have finally decided to meet for a first date at the local movie theater. Dressed appropriate in some jeans, a tight tank top we introduce each other and I can already see you looking at my cleavage, we head into the theater and pick a seat in the further back. Making some small talk and trying to watch the previews our flirting goes up another level and you get me to flash you my tits but still trying to be careful we dont get caught, I show them off, and then I see your hard on in your pants, and things get a little more risky -I take your cock out of your pants and lean down some and start stroking it for you, teasing you with my tits, and rubbing on your cock, your about to cum and I lean in and get the load in my mouth, well most of it. We had such a good time we agree to go on further dates. The next scene after been dating a bit, its time for some dinner at my place to meet my parents. We go to kitchen so I can clean up the dishes and your insisting on me sucking your cock, I tell you no, not now but you keep saying come on and real quick, and I continue to clean dishes until I turn around and you took your cock out of your pants, trying to have a conversation with my mom from the other room I decide real quick. I take out my big tits, and get on my knees and start sucking your cock, licking it, and playing with my tits, titty fucking your cock, my parents are getting impatient and I dont think I can buy them off for much longer so I say will finish this up later. However you have other plans, as I suck it some more and try to tell my mom will be right there, you blow a big load all over my face and tits, I mean massive load, were so bad, but I love it. I have such a mess all over and now im trying to clean it up before we get caught licking, washing it off, trying to pull my sweater over the mess, but it was worth it. – super hot and nice big thick load, I had no idea you were gonna deliver.

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