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Dina Sky – Risky Couple Pt 2

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This is the second installment of Part 1 Risky New Couple. It starts with us going out to dinner, you’ve surprised me with this new place, dressed up a bit fancy and enjoying our drinks. You start instigating us playing around a little, while we wait for our food to arrive. It’s fairly busy at the restaurant but we always love the risk, so I drop my dress down to show off my big tits and tease you and quickly put it back up before someone notices, then I find myself doing It again, really edging you on, and then I make you look under the table to see I am not wearing any panties and teasing you so much that your so hard and can’t help yourself. Waiter comes over and almost get caught but thankfully I was quick enough, all flustered I decide to excuse myself to go to the restroom telling you to follow me рЯШЙ Leaving the door open just enough to show off my ass and entice you to come in and fuck me, you do just that. Throwing me on the bathroom counter and sliding that hard throbbing cock right inside of me, thrusting in me, making those tits bounce and making me moan (still trying to keep it quiet) because we can hear people outside. The more and more you fuck me the wetter I am until you make me cum all over your dick, I can see someone outside by the door and realize we have to hurry, I get down on my knees and lick my pussy off your cock and beg for you to cum and give it to me, naturally you make a big mess all over me and I am trying to be quick in cleaning it all up without leaving any evidence of what we just did before we head back over to the table. The next scene starts off at a vacant place were looking to buy, we have met with the realtor about it and just recently engaged after the last dinner date so now its time to find our own place. I am teasing you some while the realtor is on the phone in the other room, were looking around at the kitchen and you are edging me on again, taking out your cock and telling me to play with it, suck it, and im telling you now is not the time, but you don’t care. I decide to play along with you but trying not to get caught by realtor, we dont want to lose this place, I really like it. Before you know it I am sucking your cock in the kitchen and then she’s on her way back to us so I stand up and hide in front of you and tell you to put it away, she gets another call so It gives us time to head to the bathroom were we end up fucking on the floor, making me soak your cock because I am so turned on. We then head to the closet of the other bedroom and close the door and I help finish you off, you make me take my dress off and suck you off until you blow a load, we make up story that were locked in here and she’s trying to get the key to open the door, I quickly put dress on trying to cover up but its too late cause she walks in to see me covered in cum. Try to explain to her we just got so worked up, but we want the house please, she’s speechless.

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