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Dina Sky – Sensual Sexy Feet Foot Job

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I am dressed in all sheer, a sheer bodysuit, sheer thigh highs and im teasing you with something quite erotic. You can’t keep your eyes off my sexy feet, so I know the will blow your mind. I turn around an give you all the right angles, while seductively talk to you in a manner that has given you an instant hard on. I shake my ass while I lift my feet up to you, let you drop your eyes down on my wrinkles soles, my arched feet, those red sexy succulent toes. I know you love me feet, so let me show you what I can do with them. I strip down slowly the sheer thigh highs from my legs and my beautiful feet appear and your in lust for them, what they could feel like wrapped on your growing hard on. I show you my feet closer, I take them and let you watch me suck my own toes, wrapping my pretty lips and sucking so seductively You just can’t help yourself, I look so good, those feet look so sexy. I grab your cock in, and I wrap my wrinkled soles around it and jerk you with my feet, squeezing in a synced motion, I turn over and let you embrace all angles of my sexy feet and body. Up and down so perfectly, a nice view of those pretty toes, and you already getting all worked up, I turn back around and continue to jerk off your hard member with my sexy feet, showing off the arch, pushing my toes against your dick, rubbing my toes on your head, telling you I want your cum, I want to make you explode all over my sexy feet, and that’s exactly what happens, as I whip out my big tits to give you more motivation, you watch me squeeze them together, and see your cock wrapped with my sexy feet as I beg for you to cum, go ahead cum for me cum all over my feet, you let out thick streams of hot spunk all over my toes, and I rub your cock with my feet making sure ive emptied every last drop, I rub your cum on m feet and feel complete.

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