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Dina Sky – Sex Robot Impregnation

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This was a suggested idea that I went with, my take on being a sex robot with one purpose, fertility are on a all time low and to save it, I was created. I am a advanced sex robot with one sole purpose to reproduce. I am here to pleasure you and do exactly what you want, and to encourage & ask for you to knock me up, to make me pregnant. I am powered up and at your command, I make simple conversation, (monotone voice -as best as I could do, with no true emotion, after all I am a robot) and I ask you what I can do to make you hard, to pleasure you. We start with my undressing to reveal my breasts, then I ask to suck your cock and make it hard, I get on my knees and suck your cock asking if you like that, once your hard enough I ask to have sex, I want you inside of me. I get up as you ask, and change into my other sexy lingerie outfit I came with, and then the action starts. You request I bend over so you can slide your hard cock in, I do so, I am at your command. Then to finish you off I turn off and let my big robot breasts bounce all over, and continue to ask for your cum inside of me, and beg to be knocked up, to get pregnant. I feel you throbbing and so hard your about to blow, and then you do. I feel the cum inside of me as you back up I lick it off my fingers as you ask, and then ask what you would like me to do now, would you like to watch me clean up and then I can accompany you in watching a movie, until you want to use me again. You press the button and power me down for now.

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