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Dina Sky – Sneaking Around W Step Son Big Dick

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This is the third installment of My Birthday Sex w/ Step Son’s Big Dick & Close Calls w/Step Son & Friend Big Dicks, in this one I am hosting a Family Reunion at our home and it start’s with me in the bathroom, wrapped with a towel, hair in a towel wrap, make up done, and getting ready, I realize your peaking through the door watching me, I usher you inside and say are you crazy if someone saw you we’d both be in trouble. Your insisting I suck on your cock, I say no not right now, we can’t do it anymore, but once you take out your big cock I just can’t resist wrapping my lips around it and sucking it. A few interruptions shortly later aunt is trying to use bathroom, but I tell her I am busy, I tell you we need to stop or will get caught, you put your cock away, or at least I thought you did, and as I look in the mirror you blow a huge load all over my face, unexpected and in shock, I welcomed it, and try to clean it up before another knock on the door, I tell im just trying to clean up this “mess” then I will be out. We come up with plan for me to leave then you. Later on I am in the kitchen preparing things, when you are next to me, I bend down to look for a cleaner and watch you take your big hard cock out and I tease you with showing my breasts, flashing you, trying not to get caught with all our family around, I start sucking your cock below the kitchen counter, deep and hearing noises, someone asks if Im okay, I say I’m fine ;), husband comes around asked what’s going on but I say nothing, stop accusing me, im so horny now I get back down and suck your cock until you blow in my mouth and let it drip down all over my shirt and breasts, I’ve made a mess and need to go change, with a little cum still left on me, I explain something exploded, trying to deter people from thinking what really happened. I change out of my shirt, but you happen to follow me into the room, I told you we can’t be doing this, were going to get caught, I start sucking you some more and now all wiled up I want to fuck you but your father, my husband knocks on the door and suspects something is going on, so we stop until later on. Later, we are upstairs on the couch, for a few minutes and I can’t help myself anymore, I suck you some, and jump on top of you taking your big dick deep inside of me, bouncing my ass, and then turning around to bounce my tits on you, your father calls asking where I am, I tell him im just upstairs looking for a “big” chair to bring down, (little sexual puns are throughout the video), he asks if I need help but I tell him no I got it, I cant “handle” it. I get off and suck you begging for your cum, you explore a nice load Landing it on my eye, and my face, and my chest, so damn good but this has to be the last time….I turn my head to see your father standing there, and several people in our family in shock. I attempt to explain its not what it looks like but at the moment you blow another load of cum on me as they watch….uh oh. I try to explain but say let me clean up first, and then we can talk about this downstairs. I try to claim that I couldn’t help myself, step-son has been there for me, unlike my husband….

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