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Dina Sky – Sperm Bank After No Nut November

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This was custom video, where it is the day after “No Nut November” and Nurse Dina (me) is working the Sperm Bank. It didn’t dawn on me at first what day it was, I was just going about my daily tasks before opening- making sure labels are ready, sign sheet, cups, checking my normal emails until I stumble upon a urgent one from my boss telling me today is going to be much busier than normal with longer lines so be prepared and that she won’t be around, I got to take a glimpse outside and see the line already around the building but rest assured I have another nurse coming in with me so we will split the duties, so it shouldn’t be as bad right? Well I was wrong, phone rings and its the other nurse calling out because she’s “sick” yeah sure do you think I really believe that, its obvious cause she’s a veteran and knows how bad Dec 1 is after No Nut November, I try to explain to her how long the line is and I need her but she’s obviously not coming in. I try to pep talk myself that I can handle it and then grab the clipboard and head to open the doors, I’m about to say Welcome to the…and the men start rushing in without even letting me finish my sentence, I hurry to the desk and start giving out cups and try to work as efficiently as I can, assuring everyone that there time will come soon I am only one person today on duty. One by one issuing labels, the cups start coming in pretty full, im trying to go as fast as I can and jokingly about how quick pumping it out, but deep down inside im so overwhelmed and freaking out. One guy bringing me almost three cups full, another I can’t seem to get control of the situation, its just so many cups of cum/sperm already. Next, oh next, and then one gentleman comes up and actually makes some small talk with me, I look up and start blushing realizing how handsome he is, and the bulge he already has in his pants, he said I should take a break, and you know he’s right I should, you wouldn’t mind if I come in the room with you to take a few minutes from out front? Flirting a bit but trying to keep myself professional I let him in the room and tell the other men ill be back in few minutes, just need break. Trying not to look at the gentleman as he gets himself situated, I try to speed him along, and soon he’s got two cups full already and im trying to find another one and I think quick and decide to take it in my mouth so nothing falls on the floor… I mean he’s got a big cock, why not? It shouldn’t happen but it did, and he ended up filling my mouth so much that I took a load down my throat and then he blew all over my face. I say its okay and tell him to close door behind him so I can clean off the cum so they don’t see….he left the door opened, and as im washing the cum off my eyes there all piling up in the room…”Oh no fellas this isn’t happening, this was accident, we can’t do this….” well there not having it, they push back as I get up but boom I get hit with cum on my face and realize I guess its happening. Originally I suggest letting me just swallow it all so I don’t make a mess…but as the loads keep coming in, and the dicks keep surrounding me, im getting so full of cum im not sure I can take much more. One by one, side by Side, taking loads to my face, my tits, my eyes, my hair, I mean literally everywhere, I titty fuck some, I suck some, make some comments, and just keep taking the loads of cum. This goes on for a while, likely taken maybe 20 shots of cum, swallowing just as much, and im nearing the end of the day, corner of my eye I notice my son and his friends have come, I am hoping that I am unrecognizable so they don’t know its me, I try to play it off, and suck them, and talk very little, they make me swallow cups of cum, they make me pour it on myself, and blow them all, to the point im literally covered in cum…and then my son admits he knew it was me. I am shocked but at this point I tell him to go home ill see him at dinner I need to clean up this mess. I stand up and show off my bloated belly, my covered body, and realize he took a picture of me….jumping in shower to wash off all of it ….the picture Is later displayed as “Sperm Banks Inc. Employee of the month”

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