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Dina Sky – Taboo Breast Expansion

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This was a custom video. I was known as the girl with the big boobs around school, I blossomed much faster than any of my friends and I loved the attention, but I went away this past summer spending time with my overseas boyfriend to come back to nearly half of my friends with big grapefruits, some even bigger than me, it’s a week before school and I am trying to catch up with my girlfriends, and then I find out the truth…It was my brother and his secret cum. He messed around with a bunch of my friends over the summer, and I was going to confront him about it, I want to be the one with all the attention. I sneak into his room and wake you up, I tell you I know the secret and I am really taken back by it, surprised, and bothered. I express to you how I want to be the one with the biggest balloons, biggest beach balls, I take your cock out as I tell you my feelings about it, and you resistant at first, but I tell you I got dirt on you now, so you have no choice, don’t resist me, I want that “secret cum” and I am going to get it besides I can make you cum faster, bigger, and better than any of my friends anyways. As I stroke you, suck you, and take you into my mouth, I feel the cum exploding in my mouth, I take you out and swallow and play with it off my chin, and you blow even more cum, I knew I’d make you cum the biggest and the best. I feel the tingle around my chest, Its working, there swelling up, there getting bigger under my shirt, within moments they have expanded to two huge beach balls, and my nipples are so hard/sensitive just the touch can almost make me cum, I am so worked up, rubbing them, and grasping them in my hands, humping the air with excitement, I am so horny now with my new bigger tits, I want to ride you and make you fill me up with cum brother, with the cum still all over my face, and even some on my shirt I climb on top and bounce those new bigger balls, up and down moaning with pleasure, until you make me cum all over you, and I feel you filling me up with cum at the same moment. Mhmm.

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