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Dina Sky – That Ass Though

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Judging by the title you know this is going to be all about my ass. Starting off with some black cheeky panties, fishnets, and a black little top, I present to you my fat ass. I shake it, bounce it, show it off, and edge you with my dirty talk, I ask you if you want this fat ass, I know it makes your throbbing. I do some close up angles of shaking it, incorporating some solid spanks making those pale ass cheeks become a nice shade of red. I eventually strip those panties off after the teasing and angle it up so you can watch me pour the oil down my bare ass and let it drip and bounce off of it, I rub it in and make those ass cheeks glisten, I shake and attempt my twerking of that big ass. You get some solid ass smacking/clapping noises, some real good angles, and then I bring in the butt plug (Manyvids Buttplug to be specific), I slide it on in and do some more ass shaking while talking dirty about having your cock slide in my tight pussy, or slapping that dick on my fat ass. I give you that booty in hot angles and bring on some more spanking, bringing out a whip and using the handle to smack my ass cheeks some more, I bounce it and grind like your sliding your throbbing cock deep inside of me begging for you to unload a delicious mess on my ass, the more I talk about it the more you want to explode. I take the butt plug out and lick it clean and work that ass. I give you a countdown with 10 solid spanks alternating cheeks, until I say 1 and beg for that load to drench my ass, cover this big booty with your cum. I drop lotion all over my ass (stimulating the kind of load you’d give me Id hope рЯШЙ and then rub it all in before sitting back and smiling back.

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