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Dina Sky – This SuperVillain Will Drain You

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Your the “super hero” and you’ve caught me red handed… but I don’t think you know who I am do you. It’s funny I actually imagined us meeting for the first time under different circumstances but I suppose this will have to do. Do you know what my powers are ? No, surely you don’t, but there’s been many talks about me….I am the villain, and my powers are being able to seduce any man, I mean any man, to submit to me, and give me all his cum, literally till your drained, your cum fuels my power because as you cum I take your power away. You laugh because you are confident I won’t be able to break you, you won’t fall for this. Oh you don’t think so? The snap of my fingers and I expose a revealing top covering just enough, I show off my breasts, come to dark the side, it’s much sexier here….much hotter. I show off my cleavage, side views of my big beautiful breasts, and I tease you beyond your wildest imagination and expose my big breasts in your face and let you know a little secret….Villians always win. Your rock hard and can’t control your cock twitching in your pants, why don’t we go somewhere a little more comfortable, follow me, snap of my fingers and were in bedroom and I am stripping out of my outfit, showing off even more of my curves. You knew I was hot, but had no idea I was this hot. You run thoughts in your head and question if I can really drain your powers, I reveal my big breasts and take your hard cock out of your pants and start stroking it, I talk about how you can’t resist me, you want it, and I am going to make you cum… before you know it your blowing a load all over the place, well that was a nice beginner’s load, but I know there’s more, I said im going to drain you. I take your cock and stroke it, and slide in between my big tits, titty fucking you to you cum deep in my cleavage, the cum just keeping unloading and I feel my power becoming even stronger, it helps you got a nice cock and well I am really into you myself. I want ride you now, I want to ride you until you empty all your cum deep inside of my sexy pussy. I let those big tits bounce and talk dirty to you, my confidence is so sexy, the look I give you when I lock into your eyes, the tits bouncing in your face, there’s no going back now, you can’t control how damn good it feels. I beg and demand for that hot cum to fill me up, I want it deep inside of me, you feel your throbbing cock unload, as it pulses inside of me the cum fills me up, and I take you out and spread for a beautiful view of what you’ve done. You seem like you could go for one more round though, your still pretty hard, and my intent is to empty those balls, and give you what you want and what I want. I’ve blessed you with so much of my big tits, how could I leave out my beautiful round ass too, why not let me pull those panties to the side and let you slide right in and wrap your hands on my ass cheeks as I bounce my self onto your cock, and let you fuck me real good, until the point of letting go of every last drop of cum. Moaning with pleasure, talking sexy to you, and telling you not to fight it, give in, pump me full of that cum you blow one more load, one final load of cum inside me, and I feel you slowly take your cock out, and the hot cum drips out of my pretty pussy, I feel the tingles in my body, I got what I wanted, you got what you wanted, let me feed you my nipples and let you lay down, such a good boy. The was incredibly hot, and I think I might just keep you around, maybe make you my personal sex toy.

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