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Dina Sky – Totally 80s Doing The Nasty

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This was based off a custom video idea and I had so much fun with it. SO let’s a take a spin back in time to the 80’s getting ready for the totally rad Madonna concert, I come out with my fun bright outfit, and looking ever so sexy with those tits squeezed together in my new dress. I can’t wait for the concert but I also can’t wait to totally tease you all night until we of the nasty later. Starting with me showing off my outfit, bending over in front of you, and those feet looking so sexy, you can’t keep your eyes off me can you? I want you to lick my neck and kiss me let me feel it down my spine, even better ill rub this ice all over my neck and down to big plump breasts in front of you. I know that erection is driving you crazy, I bet you totally want to stick it between my breasts don’t you? Lick those nipples, oh wait we don’t want to be late for the concert, put that away will get to it later I promise. (Lots of fun 80’s words, and sexy talk) We arrive back from the concert and this is when things really start heating up, I’ve teased you enough tonight haven’t I? Let’s get it started, take these panties off, and oh you need to give these sexy feet some attention, I totally keep them all pretty and the jewelry on them makes them fit to be a queen’s feet. I even painted them your favorite color рЯШЙ lick those feet, kiss my toes, while I touch my pretty peach. Keep going, oh this is getting so good, come closer gaze into my peach and lick it good for me, (POV style), you lick me and I just can’t get enough, more more don’t stop, and I can’t hold it anymore and come to orgasm. Whew! Wow! That was good but we can’t stop there I need to make you cum, come here and stick it in, no no no condom, just give it to me raw the risk is so much hotter maybe you’ll pull out maybe you won’t, like totally might cum inside me and knock me up, who cares just cum inside me. I can feel it, oh wow, what a stud!

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