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Dina Sky – Wednesday Addams Revenge Fuck

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She’s all grown up now and a party is being hosted at the Addam’s house and many wanted to go for Halloween Night. It was the perfect plan Wednesday Addams had conjured up in her mind, she was going to pick one of those men that made fun of her, that talked about her, that deserved to be punished and she picked you, you happen to have been slipped a secret potion that gave you temporary haze and everything started to appear double in front of you. The Wednesday is in front of you and your frozen in place, or at least you thought you were…she tied you up already and is taunting you…she tells you her plan and is seeking revenge on you and since your curiosity brought you here your the perfect victim. She still up to no good and has that evil look in her eyes, trying to decide the item of choice to play with on you. As she picks out the first choice a whip, she turns around and looks down to see you’re erection. “You twisted fck you have a hard on?” “well you better do something about it because you don’t want me too…” You can’t help yourself her cleavage and dark ways has got you turned on and she’s clearly not interested in helping that…she releases your hands to get you to sit down, and you decide to test fate by taking your cock out, she turns around pissed, your ruining her plans now, do something about it…but her eyes are locked in on your cock, and how big it is that you can tell she’s contemplating what to do, and the more she looks at it the more you think she might actually suck it…she teases you with her whip and after a few moments she finally caves in, the only way to go on with her plan she’s gonna have to make you cum. Wednesday had no idea you had such a enticing cock and as she begins to suck it, the urge for more takes over, but she doesn’t want you to think your in control, so she’s decides she’s going to do what she wants with your cock, and you must obey her wishes, and then maybe if your give her a big load she may or may not punish you. Wednesday soon finds herself in lust over your cock, with still being in control and dominant she slides her pussy on your big dick and rides it, making her big tits bounce everywhere and fully enjoying herself but taunting you with that whip reminding you who’s in charge. The more and more she’s rides you, the closer she is to cumming, and her tight pussy feels so good on your big dick, she rides you till she’s cums hard and feels satisfied, she teases you by not letting you cum, sliding you in her pussy again giving you a look at her ass as she sits on your lap, slight smacks on the cock and making your twitch with a set of full balls your trying not to ruin this, and she’s making sure she’s calling the shots. Finally she decides that maybe she should let you cum, she wants to see if you can deliver the big load, but she’s still has to bring something in the mix, wrapping the chained cuffs around your dick she slides it up and down letting it grace your throbbing cock, in twisted way you actually like the feeling, and seeing her big tits she’s something you just want to cover it cum…after a bit she decides to tell you to cum but if you don’t cum when Wednesday says, then she might just change her mind and deny you…you might want to blow then, and you do just that as she squeezes your hard aching cock you blow a thick load all over her big tits, completely impressed by it, she takes in a few moments enjoying the cum drip down her tits and licking the remaining off your cock…very well she feels she got the revenge she wanted, and if your girlfriend found out you fucked Wednesday pretty sure she wouldn’t be too happy and Wednesday doesn’t care. Go before she changes her mind, she have to look for someone else to take her punishment revenge.

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