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Empress Jennifer – Perfectly Powerful Legs

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You love sneaking around and stealing glances at Me.. but I know your every move.. I catch you everytime.. I see you looking. I know what you are thinking. My legs are just perfect. Well, you’re right lol. But you know what makes My legs AMAZING? They are powerful.. But not only that… They are RUTHLESS. Would be shocked if I told you, that these legs NEVER get tired of kicking men in the nuts? Slender and strong and give mercy to no one… So if you ever get the craving to worship My legs, just know that it would take YOUR BALLS, to get to these sexy stems… And I know men like you. you want these legs to take your breath away… And it doesnt take much to do that.. These legs can do that and so much more. And you would eat all I dish out.. you are so pathetic for My stems, My feet, My heels. They are irresistible. And your a dawg. A whimpering puppy, begging for Me to say ” HEEL, BOY”.

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