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Eva De Vil – 5 Second Cum Challenge

Duration: 16:0s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

Are you excited to stroke and cum today? You’ll get your chance… if you wait for permission and do everything I say. Get completely naked and wrap your hand around your dick. Don’t pump it. Don’t squeeze it. Don’t apply even the slightest bit of pressure. I’ll make it so hard to resist but you have to follow the rules and wait for permission. Your success in this challenge will depend on how aroused you can get before it’s time to stroke. When I finally let you jerk, you’ll only have 5 seconds in which to cum. If you fail, you must immediately remove your hands and that’s your chance blown for today! You’ll have to go to bed with increasingly agonizing blue balls and try again tomorrow. Is 5 seconds enough? If you really want it, you’ll cum. Think how amazing it’ll feel when you finally get that explosive orgasm, having been so obedient and disciplined for me. Did you fail? Aww, I guess you just weren’t desperate enough! You’ll cum tomorrow. Or the next day… or the day after… or the day after that…

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