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Eva de Vil – I Only Date Guys In Chastity

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You ask me out but I immediately inform you that I only date guys in chastity. Are you in chastity? I’m tired of men only wanting one thing on the first date. Chastity proves that you’re serious and respectful. If you put this cage on, I’ll go out with you right now. You oblige. Good boy. Before we head out, I want to know if you’re kinky. I don’t want a vanilla man. You admit that you have a fetish for boots. No surprise I caught your eye in these. I slip my boots off and show you the anklet where I’ll be keeping your key. It’ll come with me wherever I go and you’ll get to see it every time you worship my feet. But chastity isn’t just for the first date, silly! It’ll be an important part of our relationship!

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