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Goddess Allexandra – Edge to Your Devotion

Duration: 13:50s;
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You have always wanted to experience a D/S relationship; you have spent hours and hours thinking about it. Some of you do it in a heartbeat, and the others need a gentle shove. This clip is all about worshiping every inch of my elegant perfection. I am a true British goddess. I am going to tell you exactly what you are missing out on. You are the only one who is losing out. Is a life really a life if it’s half lived? While you worship me, I’m going to make you edge your cock. Making you stop when I want to, just to fully embrace the view, and then start stroking all over again. You have wanted to feel like you belong your whole life, and suddenly in this moment you know your destiny. Your path intertwined with mine, and now you literally yearn to be mine. Edge as I tease you. My long legs are captivating, my heels, my round ass, and my tits are phenomenal. You will worship my side boob, and my huge nipples (which proudly protrude from my dress) Worship and stroke. My voice is soothing, and yet so exciting. When it feels this good you know its right. You know you want to earn the title of “my good boy”. Stroke, edge, worship, and follow my instructions.

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