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Goddess Amber Mae – Ambers Video Goon

Duration: 9:8s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

Another video upload and you’re immediately compelled to watch. There is no thinking involved, just the swift click of a button. My videos are dangerously addictive, and your mind craves to worship and goon for Goddess Amber Mae. My big tits and deep, deep cleavage turn your mind into mush. You are My video GOON. Programmed to edge, worship and obey. Programmed to goon for Amber like a mindless zombie. It feels so good to obey, it feels so good to sink deeper for Me with every video. Addicted to My powerful, sensual creations. Addicted to My curves. Addicted to My voice. You’re My video goon, stroking away every last braincell for Me. Goon. Edge. Worship. Obey.

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