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Goddess Christina – Blue Balls For My Birthday

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Aww you wanted to cum? That’s too bad isn’t it! You don’t get to for my birthday. This year it’s all about Me and that means all about MY pleasure. Your orgasm means nothing to me. Plus – I think a little tease and denial is exactly what you need! I think it will make you be the best boy you can be for me. You not cumming affects that brain of yours. It will have you thinking about me non stop. You’ll be so horny for me. Cumming depletes you of all the energy. It makes you selfish. I want you to feel that ache. To GOON for Goddess. To $end and $POIL Me. Feel that craving to cum build up within you. Associate pleasure with it. Pleasure in being My Good Boy. Focus on Me. You will deny yourself for Me this week. It’s unimportant and nothing in the grand scheme of things. You love when I control your cock. It’s not yours to choose any longer. It’s MINE. And you’ll do it because I command it. Bow down. Submit. Obey!

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