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Goddess Christina – Magical Sex Drive

Duration: 12:30s;
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You don’t get horny for her anymore. You don’t get hard to the point of throbbing – craving her. You just don’t. It’s like your sex drive is all gone – bye bye. Until you’re here with me that is. Until you see me and you do grow hard. You get so horny. I make you want it. I make you crave me. You feel the NEED to wrap your hand around your cock and stroke immediately. You want to stroke for me right now don’t you?! You want to be so hard and horny for Goddess. Throbbing and needing to release. You love getting lost in Me. Something you haven’t been able to do with her for a long time. You don’t even think about her when you want to stroke your dick. No. Not her. Your magical sex drive is right here. She can’t do it for you anymore. She’s not sexy and irresistible like me. She’s nothing like me.

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