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Goddess Christina – Silver and Gold ChristinaMAS 6

Duration: 8:56s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

You love being a GOON junkie. It feels so good to be mesmerized. You’ll always be a GOONER. You’ll always want to pump and cum to perfection. My body adorned in Silver & Gold draws you in. You’re lost in Me. Lost in the view. I’ve done this to you before. You liked it. And you want MORE. I could do this to you every day and you’d never grow tired. You’d only grow more addicted. Then you’d want to GOON even HARDER! You’re so eager. Give in more and more! It’s always been easy for me to make you like this. To make you yearn for Me. CRAZY for Me! The reason is so simple. You live to be My Good Boy!

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