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Goddess Christina – Under D1stress

Duration: 14:30s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

Go get your cage. Put it on. I want My cock Locked! No free range for you today. I look far too sexy for that. I want you to be all kinds of frustrated for Me. I want you to feel the pinch from your cock growing harder as you stare at Me. Every second feels more intense as your cock tries to become fully erect. But it can’t and it won’t. Not even when I tease you to the MAX. Not even when I allow you to kiss my perfect round ass. Not when my big hot tits are right in your face. No. Not even when you see my pretty little pussy peeking through my sexy panties. No no no! You’re Under D1stress. Just how I want you. Ache for Me. You have no choice after all.

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