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Goddess Fiona – Sit on my Dick Gay Boy

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Face it Subby, you’re gay. And you wish all girls had a dick, because you just can’t get DICK out of your mind! Well, I have quite a surprise for you…. I have a dick. A BIG one. And I want you to sit on it and RIDE me like the gay boy you are. Become mesmerized by my dick. Become engrossed in the way I talk to you and get you obsessed with the fact that you’re gay, and that you love dick so much you wish every girl could have a dick. Let me control that mind. I want you to ride my cock. You LOVE riding my cock. I want you to bounce on this dick just like a girl would bounce on yours. Bounce on this dick, gay boy. By the end of this video, you’ll be begging for Zaddy to fuck you!

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