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Goddess Gracie Haze – Step-Mommys Gooner

Duration: 19:47s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

This is a mesmerizing gooner custom clip that will leave you a gooning mess! You will be Step-Mommy’s Gooner, stuck in My haze forever. “I would like this video to be very similar to the Gooner Acceptance Training video but with Step-Mommy domme dirty talk. You start the video very sensual up close to the camera telling me that you’re going to be my new porn gooning Step-Mommy and that I need to be mommy’s good gooner boy and that you’re going to make me addicted to gooning for Step-Mommy forever, edging and leaking for Step-Mommy but never allowed to cum. You tell me to start stroking and make the gooning face with my tongue out and eyes crossed and drooling. You start to get more dominate and ask me if I’m mommy’s good gooner and you make me say “yes Step-Mommy” repeatedly as you make me stroke to your sexy body and lingerie. You make me call you “Step-Mommy” as well multiple times throughout the clip. Please include a lot of eye crossing and tongue sticking out/drooling up close visual affects, licking your red lips. As the clip progresses I want you to start humiliating me and laughing at me as you can see how hopelessly addicted and gooned out I am getting for Step-Mommy as you mock me with the hand pumping motion and gooner face as you drool onto your tits and cleavage.”

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