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Goddess JessiBelle – Sick Sad World

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Your life fucking sucks. The world is cruel to a disgusting, ugly loser. How do you get by? When you are ugly and a loser people tend to overlook you. Pretty people get things handed to them, they are treated better. The world is a cruel place for a loser like you. This is what you get, what you deserve! You were destined to live life like this. Imagine if you were good looking, popular, well liked. You’re the exact opposite of that. How does a loser become not a loser? You can’t! You were born this way and you will end this way. NO ONE CARES. No one cares how hard this must be for you. No one cares that this how you are treated. You can try to do better, act differently, but you will never fix your loser self and your loser life. I could sugar coat this, lie to you, try to help you be better, but this is all you will ever get. It’s a sick, sad world for a loser like you, but you deserve this!

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