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Goddess Taura – Look Into My Eyes

Duration: 17:51s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

Staying in on the weekends and scrolling is pretty much all you do now. Tonight you decided to get off your ass and out with your friends. There’s a house party you’re attending tonight and you could use the fun. Watching hours of Femdom and Mesmerize clips can be highly addictive and you’re not so sure it actually works anyways. You shower and shave, throw on your nicest clothes and cologne, and thank fucking god you did. Nothing could have prepared you for running into me. Aren’t you relieved you watched my Quality Man clips? You follow me into a room, and they know we came back here. You naturally drop to your knees and think nothing of it…still convinced that Mesmerize won’t work on you but it’s happening without you even thinking about it. Look into my eyes. You do not have to think now, I do your thinking for you.

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