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Goddess Valora – Orally Examined by Nurse Yummy

Duration: 15:45s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

You wake up in a strange, dark dudgeon tied to an examination table. You hear a door open and in walks a busty nurse (Valora) in a tiny bikini uniform. She kneels down between your legs and introduces herself as Nurse Yummy. She informs you that you’ve been taken as a slave to be sold on the black market. In order to decide how you’ll be sold, Nurse Yummy has to do a physical exam. As soon as Nurse Yummy takes your stiff cock out of your boxers, she smiles and starts eagerly licking it with delight. She gets a taste of your precum and tells you it’s absolutely yummy. The greedy nurse can’t stop sucking and licking your tasty cock. Soon, she takes out her huge tits and slides your cock between them. You can’t hold on much longer when she goes back to swallowing and gagging on your cock. You cum in Nurse Yummy’s mouth and feed her your big load. She smiles and says she’s going to keep you as a cock slave all to herself, sucking you constantly for the rest of your life.

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