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Goddess Valora – Poison Ivys Seeds of Chaos

Duration: 11:13s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

Since the pandemic, Poison Ivy (Goddess Valora) has found the number of men in the streets of Gotham at an all-time low. Being the resourceful villainess she is, Ivy has hacked into a porn server to recruit men at their peak of arousal. Whatever video you were watching gets cut-off as the voluptuous evil doer appears on screen. Poison Ivy has decided to use your household plants to do her bidding in recruiting a few hundred henchman. With the wave of her hand, you feel vines curl around you, holding you in your seat and wrapping around your cock. Ivy laughs as she can feel her plan working. One by one, she will drain each of her viewers. When your cum is absorbed by the plants, you will become a half-man-half-plant, mindless henchman who serves only Poison Ivy.

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