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Goddess Valora – Robin Reprogrammed by Poison Ivy

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Well hello, Nightwing. Remember when we used to call you Robin? I sure do. Robin always wanted to play with Step-Mommy-Ivy (Valora). So much has changed since then, including your dearest Batman. That’s why I’ve asked you to meet me here today. Batman’s business plans have evil outcomes. But since I know you’ll never listen to me, I’ll have to use my pheromone dust to climb into your mind… Just relax while Ivy combs your mind and tells you all about what naughty Batman is getting into with his new A.I. technology. Whether you want to or not, you’re going to end up helping me stop him but why not have a little fun while I have you like this? I know you used to adore me so much, let’s see if you still do. Step-Mommy-Ivy’s going to make you cum.. which may or may not lead to you becoming her love slave… Oh come now, there are worse fates. *kiss*

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