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Goddess Valora – Straight 2 Gay Inc

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The job market is rough and you’ve found yourself scheduling interviews at places you’d normally ignore. You find a very vague ad for a company hiring customer service associates. You come into an office with dildos in the hallways and make your way back to my office. I’m Valora, the staffing agent here. I tell you that this is a position for brand ambassadors to be the faces of my company’s new site. But over the course of the job description, you realize that this is more of a gay esc0rting gig. You say you’re repulsed yet you don’t leave, which tells me that you’re secretly into this. To gauge that interest, I tell you in full, filthy detail about what you’ll be offering to our clients. Serving their cocks and showing off what a complete fagg0t you truly are. The last requirement? You have to cum to the thought of being a professional cock sucker. But something tells me that’s not going to be a problem at all.

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