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Goddexx Daphne – Pump to My Perfect Pixels

Duration: 11:2s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

Hello, My submissive little beta boy. This is one of the most important sessions you will ever have the pleasure of enjoying. As you can see, I have nothing on. I am completely naked. Even though you can’t see anything, the thought of My perfect naked body makes your cock twitch, doesn’t it? I know. You want to stroke that throbbing cock already, don’t you? Mmm, not yet. I will let you stroke, but not to My lush naked body. Not like this. You’ll stroke to My naked body after it has been censored for your beta eyes. You’ll stroke to My pixels. You’ll stroke to My pixelated breasts first. Wrap your submissive hand around that obedient dick and pump to My perfect pixels. Next, enjoy the view of My pixelated feet. Too pretty for a beta like you to see clearly. Now, My pixelated ass. So plump and jiggly! If only you could see it. But this is what betas get. Enjoy it. Relish in this beta perfection. Finally, you’ll pump to My pixelated pussy. You’ll pump as I play with Myself, as I please My pussy like you never could. Go ahead. Pump to My perfect pixels.

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