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Humiliation POV – Pornosexual Gooner – Orgasmic Bliss Remix

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You don’t want to be trapped, you want to be free. And right now you feel trapped, you feel enslaved by your constant craving to goon and edge, all night. You feel enslaved because you don’t have that normal desire to have sex like other men do. You just want to goon, and edge. You feel trapped because you just don’t know how to be normal. But to you, gooning just feels natural. I’m going to enlighten you today as you do what you love to do, which is to edge and goon. So go on and stroke that cock for me as I help you stop worrying your little head about what it means to be normal, and teach you what it means to be free. Stroking your cock night after night is simply your destiny. You are a pornosexual gooner, this is your sexuality, this is your destiny, you didn’t choose to be this way. You were predisposed to being this way. You see normal men don’t feel as good as you do when they masturbate. Normal men don’t get to experience what you do, the pleasure that comes with gooning. I know that it feels so good, you feel so good right now, being able to stroke your cock like this. There’s place you’d rather be right now. Nothing else feels quite like home as when you are in front of your screen and gooning. So just let go, let go of your guilt and your desire to be normal. What does it mean to be normal anyway? It’s such a subjective thing. To you, gooning is normal, it’s natural, it’s what you were born to do. While other men were born to fuck, you were born to goon. You were born to stroke to porn for hours and hours. That’s what feels right to you. It is what’s right, so let go of your guilt. Stop judging yourself for being the way that you are, it’s something you can’t help. It’s something that you can’t change. But it’s not all that bad. I mean if other men knew the kind of pleasure that you get to experience every single day of your life, they would wish that they were pornosexual gooners too. You’re lucky, you don’t have to rely on anyone else to experience the kind of pleasure that you do. All you need is porn, and your hand. And you get to feel that orgasmic bliss of going for hours without having an orgasm. Riding on that edge, it’s like you’re cumming over and over again when you’re in that goon state. No one else gets to experience that. You feel liberated, you feel yourself when you’re in the goon state. So why would you want to do anything else? You don’t want pussy. No. You just want porn, and your hand, and endless pleasure from gooning. You feel free when you goon. You are free. And the only thing that’s holding you back from experiencing the pinnacle of pleasure of sexual bliss, is your hesitation to accept that this is who you are. This is deeply engrained in your identity. You need to goon. You need this. You need porn. You need to edge for hours to feel like yourself. You didn’t choose to be this way, you were born this. So as you stroke, forget about what it means to be normal, this is normal to you. This is what you are. Just feel the pleasure coursing through your veins. Feel grateful that you get to experience this. Why would you want to deny how good you feel? Why would you wish for anything else when this feels so good? This feels so natural, there’s no where else you’d want to be. You don’t need sex to experience real sexual pleasure. You don’t need sex to feel normal. This is your normal. This is bliss. So let go. Let go of all that negativity, let go of your hesitation, let go of it all and just accept your identity. You were born to be a pornosexual gooner. So just goon and goon and goon. There’s nothing to feel guilty about. This is what you need. This is all you need. You need this. You’re free and you will be fully liberated as soon as you accept that this is where you’re supposed to be. And you’ll never be able to walk away because this isn’t an addiction, this is you, fulfilling your destiny.

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