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Humiliation POV – You Cant Stop Jerking While I Verbally Destroy You

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Hey loser, I see you’re back for more humiliation porn. You just can’t stay away, can you? Maybe it’s because you’re so fucking pathetic! I’m going to make you feel so fucking low in this clip, I’m going to verbally humiliate you so bad that you might even cry. But one thing I know for sure is that you are not going to be able to stop jerking. I’m going to verbally destroy you today and you’re going to jerkoff to it and love every second of it, aren’t you, you little freak? LOL! Why is it that the more I humiliate you, the harder you get? You’re already furiously jerking away and I’ve barely even begun. You’re a fucking chronic masturbator, a complete and total fuck up. And you’ve always been a fuck up, haven’t you? I’ll bet you’ve been told what a disappointment you are or what a loser you are your whole life. And maybe if you’ve heard this from a lot of people, then just maybe, they’re telling you the truth. Maybe you are a fuck up, a low life loser who can’t do anything right, maybe that’s exactly what you are lol! I mean I keep telling you how stupid you are and all you can do is mindlessly jerk to me in this itty bitty bikini. You just can’t control yourself, can you? No you can’t, especially when I’m calling you a stupid, reject fucking loser. Especially when I’m flipping you off, does that turn you on? Hot girls telling you how much they fucking hate you. Look at me, look right into my eyes, do you really think that I would pay any attention to you if I wasn’t berating you? Seriously, look at me, then look at you, pathetic huh? I’m so out of your league and you know it. But that’s what you love, the unobtainable. You’re honestly lucky that I’m even looking at you. Someone as superior as me speaking to someone as low as you, you’re pathetic. You’re absolutely the lowest of the low. And you love that, don’t you? Keep stroking. Look at that stupid look on your face and all the stupid noises you make. LOL you look so fucking stupid! Keep pumping that pathetic cock of yours. I love how weak you are for me. You’re becoming my brainless little pump slave, aren’t you? You are nothing and you will always be nothing to me. Keep stroking that cock for me lol. You are so pathetic. Your place is beneath me, your place is to be nothing. To always be invisible, and that’s how most of your life has been, invisible. People either ignored you or were always so mean to you, maybe that should tell you something. You are undeserving of attention unless it’s negative lol. You don’t deserve love or praise, you are not worthy of any of that. The only thing that you’re good for is stroking to humiliation porn, or stroking to how insignificant you are, right? LOL! You’re such a loser and you know it too, don’t you? You know just how pathetic you are. Stare into my eyes while you jerk because you’re going to say a few affirmations for me. Stroke and say, ‘I’m such a loser.’ Say it out loud. Say, ‘I deserve nothing but humiliation.’ Now say,’I am nothing.’ LOL! You’re so stupid. Keep saying those words while you stroke, really beat them into that weak brain of yours. No one cares about you. No one loves you, why would they? Lol. You’re a pathetic stupid loser. The only thing that brings you pleasure is stroking and buying more and more humiliation porn. Getting all that porn, that’s the only way someone like you could be useful. Stare and jerk idiot, this is the closest you’ll ever get to a girl as hot as me. A hot girl in real life wouldn’t even look at you. You’d be lucky if a girl like me even spit on you. But you’d love it if a hot girl spit in your face, that’s how much of a fuck up you are lol! I’ll bet you’d say thank you, that’s the kind of guy that you are lol. You’re not a man, you’re an ‘It’, not worthy of a name. I don’t give a fuck who you are. You’re just some internet freak that I never have to see or even know your name. Isn’t it so fucked up that the more I humiliate you the faster you jerk? You are so pathetic. Doesn’t it feel so good to finally get attention LOL? ????

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