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Ivy Starshyne – Zoning Out To Mom

Duration: 22:2s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;
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Your mom is HOT. No way around it. And it doesn’t help that she likes to wear super short shorts with her ass hanging out, and low-cut shirts that show all the good stuff. She’s such a tease in those clothes, you find yourself fantasizing about her… a lot. Just a general chat here and there with her takes you into different places completely.

And every time, in each fantasy, just as you’re about to cum, the reality SNAPS you back to a very hard cock and no relief. On top of that, your mom seems to be catching on to something. She asks for your help rubbing her calves, but has to snap you out of a great fantasy where she massages YOU with her ass grinding up on your dick. It’s becoming clear, but… she’s in denial to the end.

However, fantasy mom is everything you’d ever want. She talks dirty and shows EVERYTHING. And finally, finally… you get that big cum blow you’ve been hoping for… mmmm. Right inside her fantastically pussy.

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