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Jack and Jill – Our Offline Shoot with Miss Lexa

Duration: 1h 33min;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

We met @Misslexa through our friends “Daddy” and @x_elizabeth_skylar_x. Miss Lexa started posting her home-made porn videos 2 years ago. She still works part-time as a school teacher and for this reason she does not show her face. We were excited she was willing to live steam the interview portion of the video. After we interviewed her, got topless, touched her perfect boobs and removed Jack’s pants, we decided to film the remainder of the shoot offline. Believe or not, Jack and I are still new to filming offline 3somes, 99% of our videos are live streams. Miss Lexa’s ex was there watching and filming the entire time, which was actually a turn-on for me. Miss Lexa and I suck Jack’s dick together (POV angle) remove our panties and take turns riding and sucking Jack. Jack and return the favor and eat out Miss Lexa. Extremely hot shoot with 4 different camera angles ending with a sexy double facial.

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