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Kiittenymph – Obsessed Secretary Blackmail

Duration: 14:15s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

Your secretary has been secretly stalking you for the last year but, while she was doing some paperwork for you; she finds pictures of you banging your mistress. She doesn’t mention it to you but, instead decides to follow you home after work since; she remembers you mentioning your wife being out of town for the week. You’re startled & confused but, before you can say anything she pulls out your scandalous photos. She explains how obsessed she’s been becoming with you after working alongside you for the past year. Nobody can have you if she cant so, She explains how she’s going to show these pictures to your wife. You know how devestated your wife would be so, you agree to be her fucktoy for the night. She beings to fuck you & you cant help but enjoy it. Just before you’re about to finish, she snaps a photo of you fucking her & tells you how she’s still gonna show your wife & mistress the photos because, if she cant have you nobody can.

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