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Kitty Moon – Nurse Kitty Impregnation Experiment

Duration: 14:17s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

Well the Doctor may have really lost his mind this time. Now he insists that Nurse Kitty is the absolute perfect host for their experiment. After the collection and exam Nurse Kitty has to use the doctors “special insemination device”, which just oddly looks like a big black horsecock dildo (you know, the Bad Dragon, Chance, yeah that exact one!), with their patients sperm sample that Kitty previously collected. All of this to impregnate Kitty with their experimentation. As nervous, timid, and unsure Kitty is she agrees. For the sake of humanity, Kitty stretches and fills her tiny tight pussy with the massive dong. Oh and the doctor was very firm on the fact that Kitty has to orgasm in order for the impregnation to take effect…..

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