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Layndare – Shy BFF Admits She Wants To Fuck You

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I know we’ve been BFFs for a while, but I’m interested in hearing more details about your sex life – which you never seem to want to share with me. I tiptoe around the topic shyly and after some prodding, I admit that I want to have sex with you… and I’ve wanted to for a long time. You’re my best friend, so I know what I’m asking for here. To my surprise, you say yes! I’m super excited, and I bend down to suck on your cock, commenting on how I’ve always wondered what your bulge actually looked like underneath these pants. рЯШЙ I ride you, and you take charge and fuck me. I tell you I want you to cum with me and in me. I think we’ve just brought our friendship to the next level.

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