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Leila Cherry – Loser Tease and Denial

Duration: 9:35s;
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Stroke for me. Jerk your cock for me. But no cumming. Take out your cock. Grasp your dick. Start stroking it for me. Edge your cock, tease it. Start trying to coax the cum out of your balls. Do it, make your balls ache to cum. Start going faster, just a little bit. I don’t want you to cum. It must feel so good to stroke your cock, because you know that no woman will ever fuck you. Because you’re a loser. A big fat loser. A desperate little loser. A loser little servant boy. A pathetic little man. You’ll get to stroke for me, but no cumming. No cumming for losers. Get your hands off your cock, beta bitch. Humiliation makes you want to stroke even more. Makes you just want to bust. You know that I hate you. You know that your cock disgusts me. And you still want to cum for me. Just for me. You’re controlled by pussy. Pussy rules over you. Your cock disgusts me, that’s why there’s a barrier between us. That’s why I only exist in pixels for you. I would never, ever let that tiny stinky dick near my holes. Start stroking for me again, loser. Start stroking more and more and more. Keep on stroking, but no cumming. I control your cock. I’m never going to let you cum. Ever.

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