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Little Puck – Young Slutty Girl Next Door

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A young girl in red lingerie appears in the doorway of your hotel room, her breasts spilling out of her bra and her pussy almost fully exposed in her mesh thong…she invites herself in and shuts the door with a smile. “You don’t mind my outfit right? I was just tryna get some sun…i’d be naked but I didn’t wanna offend anyone. you’re not offended are you? Your wife wasn’t, in fact, she’s the one who sent me over here to say hi to you, she feels so bad about that big argument you guys had earlier today…ya I could hear it, you were really loud…it was a bit of a turn on to be honest, I like a strong man…do you like a slutty girl? Your wife seems to think so, she’s the one who said you needed some company.” This slutty lil sub begins to tease you with her tits, fingering her cunt and talking dirty, begging you to enter her dumb slut pussy. You throw her on the bed and she grins, “I know the dirty things you’re thinking, I can see it on your face and feel it in your dick…you wanna fucking ravage me and leave me broken don’t you…wreck me! Wreck my pussy on your dick!” She just wants to be your dirty little whore and take all that aggression you have, she wants her cunt to be broken on your dick…she wants it to hurt and she will take every last inch of your dick until you’ve drained yourself into her again and again as much as you can. This girl is a subby seductress, you want to give her whatever she wants from you…and all she’s asking for is your thick hard cock. You can feel yourself on the edge about to cum inside her and she smiles up at you as you tear into her…”your wife wouldn’t like if you came inside another girl now would she? But it’s too late now isn’t it…you’re already fucking me raw aren’t you…god I love a married man’s cock” She begs for a deep nasty cumload inside her stupid little pussy and you realize something’s a little off…your wife would never send a girl over for you to fuck. You let yourself believe this sexy little succubus slut because your dick was begging for a thick nut inside her young tight body. You realize this is just a game to her and she confesses she’s a sexy lil homewrecker who loves fucking horny husbands and you were just another dick she needed to feel pounding her tight lil pussy. As you realize you’ve been used you fuck her harder and harder and her pussy clenches around you tighter and tighter…there’s no turning back now…

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