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LongHairLuna – POV Cuckold Sex Party Roleplay

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Your wife and I have been planning an office style sex party for our amusement for some time. Its the day before, and we get you, our slave and cuckold, to help us get ready. You get to shave our pussies and clean our assholes with your tongue (POV) as we talk about how excited we are to get fucked by real men and ridicule your size. We strip you down to just your chastity, which youve been wearing for a month now for us. We talk about all the ruined orgasms weve made you have, and how these parties will soon be your life every weekend. We get to the party and you get to listen to your wife get fucked by alpha men as you watch me get railed by a real big cock, getting pleasure in your punishment, instructing alpha men to fill your ass as you watch us, making you cum without even being touched by us. We instruct the whole party to use you as a human toilet, filling you. Youre shocked to see me so submissive, you didnt know it was possible for a girl like me to scream so much. When theyre done breeding us with their spunk I describe to you the scenes of the party around you, and what all the other mistresses and their slaves are up to. You get to watch all this and end with a ruined orgasm, with us rubbing only your balls, because lets face it, it would be impossible to get our hands around that tiny excuse for a dick. Dual audio.

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