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Madison Marz – Teaching My Sissy To Seduce Men

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This was a custom video, no names are used. I would love a custom in which you’re wearing a sexy outfit with thigh high stockings outfit as you sensually encourage my desire to dress in lingerie and look as good as you. You encourage me suck cock and get fucked by a man. You have such a sensual voice and I’d love to hear you describe the detail of how I’d go about teasing a man, sucking and getting fucked by his cock, all while admiring your stunning beauty and body. I would start by maybe doing a little dance and tease to show off my lingerie, then grinding up against his body, kissing him, caressing his hard pecs and sexy abs, slowly feeling, licking, kissing my way down his beautiful body (all while peeking at your beauty to make sure you’re pleased, and with you lightly teasing me by questioning what turns me on more – him or you? – and I think we both know the answer). As I am doing that, I would rub his erect cock over his boxer briefs, making him harder and throbbing, until I work my way to his waist band, kissing his erect cock over the fabric, pulling it down to release his beautiful hard cock, which slaps me in the face; then I’d French kiss the tip, working my tongue around the head, slowly licking his shaft, and working it with my hands while I take his balls in my mouth, etc. I’d continue this until he is so hard and desperate to cum he needs to fuck my ass (missionary so we can make out while we’re fucking) and at this point I need to feel him inside me, in and out, over and over, feel him cum inside me. This video was shot with a professional mirrorless DSLR, lens and microphone in HD 1080p 60fps

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