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Marceline Leigh – Beta Humiliation JOI

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Are you a beta bitch? Are you so pathetic that you need a beautiful alpha woman to humiliate you and tell you exactly how to touch your worthless cock while doing so just so you can get off? Are you willing to work for that orgasm, because you know that you are inherently undeserving of it? Are you still willing to work for it even knowing that you may not be allowed to shoot your inferior, grade B cum out into your hand, leaving your useless dick pulsating and aching for the rest of the day? Well, then, this is the jerk off instructional for you. I’m going to make sure you know your place at the bottom of the totem pole. I’m going to tease you with my body and words and shove the fact that you will never be able to get a woman like me in your face. I’m going to fuck with your head while also fucking with your body. And I’m going to laugh while doing so. But, maybe if you’re a good beta bitch who knows how to listen to instructions, maybe I’ll let you cum after edging you and building you up. After all, I suppose beta sometimes get to cum. But only in their hand, on their stomach, or in a hot, sticky mess on the floor. Because we both know it would never be inside of a woman.

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