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Marceline Leigh – I Want To Speak To Your Manager

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She’s loud. She’s rude. She’s entitled. She’s bitchy. She’s…. Karen. Every employee and manager’s nightmare. And today, she is in your store. You hear her annoyed “ahems” before you even see her. Refusing to respond to such a rude calling, you ignore her. Soon she is up in your face, berating you on your lack of “good customer service”. She continues to rant at you about how she can get you fired, how you need to wipe that snarky look off your face and straighten up your attitude before she says the words you just knew were coming. “I want to speak to your manager”. You then release the bombshell on her, that you are the manager. But, this does not stop her from continuing to go off on you. Now, she wants the number to corporate and even the number for the CEO. You figured something like this would happen, but since you don’t have the number to corporate on hand the two of you go into your office. Once in your office, she continues to attack you personally. “Are you scared, well you should be. Haha, do you even have any balls?” That’s when she reaches forward and inappropriately grabs your crotch. What she feels leaves her momentarily speechless. You are hard. After all, even though she is a Karen, she is hot. Not only is she shocked at how hard you are, but also, by just how huge your dick is. She tries to complain about how it is wrong for you to be turned on at a moment like this, in front of a customer, but her anger is quickly dissipating and it’s obvious why. She likes big dicks, she even admits it! And yours is one of the biggest she has ever seen, and she hasn’t even seen it outside your pants yet! That’s when Karen comes up with a plan. If you show her your huge, hard cock, she won’t call corporate on you. It’s a win win situation. So you show her and she really likes what she sees. You then decide to test you luck by telling her that she should suck it. And, she agrees! She gets down on her knees, right there in your office and begins to suck your huge, throbbing hard dick. It’s so huge, that even with her big mouth she has trouble fitting even the head in! But, that doesn’t stop her from sucking, licking and slobbering all over your cock. You can tell she is thoroughly enjoying herself, especially since her bitchy demeanor has somewhat faded with how enthralled she is with your cock. She continues to pleasure you until you get closer and closer to cumming, and when you do, you explode all over her face. A torrential downpour of creamy cum drenches her faces. You can tell that she has never had such a big facial before. It’s as if your cock cannot stop cumming. Even once you finish cumming, your cock is still hard, and you both can tell that you can definitely build up some more cum. So, Karen takes this opportunity to have you lie down on the ground so that she can get that huge cock of yours deep inside her pussy. She gets on top and rides you while her face and chest still has your cum dripping down it. Even when it gets into her eyes, she doesn’t care. Your thick, pulsating cock has taken her to another realm of pleasure, where nothing else matters. And feeling the way her pussy tightens up while bouncing up and down on your cock you can tell it is only a matter of time before she cums hard while being filled up with yet another huge cum load of yours.

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