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Miss Alika White – Cruel Step-Mom Compulsory Masturbation

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Do you think I didn’t see you spying on me while I was at the pool side with your Step-Dad? I can’t believe you were jerking over me while I was sunbathing! I can already tell that you’re the kind of loser who will never end up with a woman like me. I bet you’re jealous that your Step-Dad gets to stroke my tits and you never will. Well, I’m going to teach you a lesson for being such a pervert. If you like jerking your cock so much, you’re going to start doing it now but this time you won’t get to stop when you cum. I want to make sure that stroking your cock hurts. You’ll be frantically stroking your cock and begging me to let you stop. You don’t have a choice in this. If you don’t want your Step-Dad to find out what you’ve been doing, you have to do everything I say from now on.

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