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Miss Alisandra – Compelling Trigger – Snap Pay Worship

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You crave losing control. You crave guidance. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. You might have to be Encouraged into it, but deep inside, I know you crave it. And what better way to lose control there is than worshiping a beautiful busty natural Goddess like me? I just love playing with your brain using my seductive voice, sharp mind, and of course my out-of-this-world body. I was born for you to submit to, it comes to me so naturally. I especially enjoy having you on your knees in front of me, staring at me in awe, absorbing every word coming out of my mouth, worshiping my magnificent big tits. And you know the only right way to worship is with your wallet. I want your mind in my collection, you will become a worshiping and paying drone for me and my huge boobs. I will easily achieve that by entrancing you and installing a powerful trigger that will compel you to pay every single time, no matter where, no matter when. Enter, slave.

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