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Molly Darling – Mommy Makes You Feel Better

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You’ve come home from work in a bad mood, you’ve had a really rough day. Your mom is tidying in her room. You walk in and as soon as she sees you, she can tell something is up. Sit down and tell Mommy all about it. She sympathises with you and wants to make you feel better.. and she knows exactly the way to put a smile back on your face! Mommy knows how much you love her big juicy milkers. Come close and snuggle in to her breasts, suckle on her nipples until you feel calmer. She can tell that sucking her tits has gotten you all excited. Don’t worry, Mommy wouldn’t get you all worked up and leave you! Take your pants off and Mommy will help you. She gets on her knees and sucks your cock, she loves the taste of you. You can feel all that tension building from your day.. and you want to blow your load all over your Mommy’s face and tits. You shoot your cum all over her when she begs for it.. you absolutely covered her.. such a mess! …Although…you still don’t feel like you’re quite relieved of all your pent up frustration yet. Mommy had better sort that out for you. She climbs on top of you and slips your hard cock inside of her warm pussy. You fuck her bareback..watching her big, cum covered tits bouncing up and down as she rides you. She begs for your cum deep inside of her. Fill Mommy’s pussy with your cum! You deliver another huge load of cum to your Mommy, it pours from her pussy and onto the bedsheets. You feel much better now. Didn’t Mommy say she would make you feel better?

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